Funded Trading Plus Review: Amplifying Your Trading Potential

Funded Trading Plus (FT+), a UK-based company, emphasizes the value of research in trading by providing traders of all experience levels with a unique platform that allows them to engage in a simulated live environment. Funded Trading Plus provides detailed regulations and evaluation programs to encourage members to use their abilities, practice simulated trading, and receive commissions depending on performance.

We will examine Funded Trading Plus in-depth in this study, covering their trading software, assessment programs, and other areas.

Company Overview

Initial Capital$5000 – $200,000
Price Range$119 – $4500
Profit Split70%, up to 90%
Daily Loss
Max Drawdown3% – 5%
Profit Target10%
Tradable ProductsForex, Indices, Metals, Commodities

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Funded Trading Plus is a proprietary trading firm founded on November 2, 2021, and officially debuted on December 16, 2021. London, UK serves as the location of their headquarters. Their clients can operate with an account that has a capital of up to $200,000, scaled up to $2,500,000. They have combined their technologies with Melbourne, Australia-based Eightcap, a broker governed by ASIC.

Pros and Cons of Funded Trading Plus

  • Suitable evaluation type for beginners and simulated traders.
  • No strict time limits during the evaluation phase.
  • Supports various trading strategies, including News trading.
  • Noteworthy customer service reviews.
  • Compatibility with MetaTrader.
  • Scaling plan that allows skilled traders to increase their simulated account size.
  • No overnight trading permitted.

Funded Trading Plus Account Options

Funded Trading Plus offers diverse account options tailored for various trader types: Experienced Trader, Advanced Trader, and Master Trader programs.

1. Experienced Trader Program

   – Evaluation: Single Phase

   – Profit Split: 80/20, potentially 100.

   – Target: 10%

   – Simulated Loss: 6%, Daily Loss: 3%

   – Platform: MT4 or MT5

   – Account Size: $12,500 to $200,000

   – Refundable Fee: $119 to $999

   – Min. Trading Days: None

2. Advanced Trader Program

   – Evaluation: Two Phases

   – Profit Split: 80/20, potentially 100.

   – Target: 10% (Phase 1), 5% (Phase 2)

   – Simulated Loss: 10%, Daily Loss: 5%

   – Platform: MT4 or MT5

   – Account Size: $25,000 to $200,000

   – Refundable Fee: $199 to $999

   – Min. Trading Days: None

3. Master Trader Program

   – Evaluation: Instant Funding (No Evaluation)

   – Profit Split: 80/10, potentially 100 after 30% profit

   – Simulated Loss: 5% of starting balance

   – Platform: MT4 or MT5

   – Account Size: $5,000 to $100,000

   – One-Time Fee: $225 to $4,500

   – Min. Trading Days: None

Prices exclude VAT; VAT is added for UK and European customers. Refundable and one-time fees depend on the chosen account size.

Funded Trading Plus withdrawals

With the first two accounts, withdrawals are possible as soon as the closed balance surpasses the initial account amount. The drawdown will be lessened if your profit is less than your aim.

Withdrawals from the Master program are possible after a $50 profit, with the trader receiving 70% of the profit and the corporation receiving 30%. You can boost the profit that goes to you—80/20 or 90/10, depending on the program—after your account has made an overall profit of 20%.

The first withdrawal can be made as soon as you turn a profit, and the remaining ones can only be made once at least seven calendar days have passed since the last one. When you choose to make a request, you must first close all of your trades and then send the company an invoice from your Deel account. Deel is therefore the only practical way to receive your money back. Furthermore, the business allows cryptocurrency withdrawals and deposits.

Profit Target

The Profit Target for the Funded Trading Plus Experienced Trader Program is 10%, while for the Advanced Trader Program, the profit target is split into two phases: 10% for Phase 1 and 5% for Phase 2. The 5% profit target is set by the Master Trader Program, which provides rapid funding. These diverse goals accommodate differing degrees of trader ambition and experience.

Maximum Loss

Funded Trading Plus establishes different maximum loss caps for each of its programs: the Master Trader Program has a single 6% limit for daily and total drawdown, the Experienced Trader Program allows a 10% maximum and 4% daily loss, and the Advanced Trader Program allows a 10% maximum and 5% daily loss. These restrictions are essential for maintaining trading discipline and risk management across all programs.

Minimum Duration of Trading

By not imposing a minimum trading term on its programs, Funded Trading Plus provides freedom, enabling traders to work without time limits and customize their trading to suit their unique methods and preferences.

Funded Trading Plus Customer Support

By incorporating a live chat feature, traders can establish instant communication with agents who can respond to their questions quickly and effectively. If traders need help with account-related issues, trading platforms, or any other trading-related questions, live chat support will be happy to offer thorough and tailored answers.

The company is aware of how active and quick-paced financial market trading may be. It’s possible for traders to run across problems or have inquiries day or night. They are putting money on live chat assistance that is available around the clock, showing that they care about the traders’ performance. This guarantees that they get the greatest assistance available.

Alternative To Funded Trading Plus

Prop Firm DetailsLux Trading FirmFundedNextFunded Trading Plus
Year Founded202020222021
Offices LocationLondon, UKAjman, UAEUK
Maximum Balance$10,000,000$4,000,000$200,000
Keep First ProfitsChallenge FeeRegistration Fee + 15% Evaluation ProfitsNo

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Final Thoughts

Gaining financial independence through trading can be a difficult road. But with tools like Funded Trading Plus, the journey gets easier. This ground-breaking platform aims to empower traders by removing the monetary limits that frequently impede advancement. It is based on the experiences and knowledge of its founders. In the current trading environment, its dedication to the prosperity of its traders, supported by a strong technological infrastructure and top-notch knowledge, is a priceless asset.

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